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Columbia, TN
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About Us


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       Hello, my name is Tim Duncan, Owner of Betty's Parkway Restaurant, & for years people have been trying to figure out what makes our steaks so tender and delicious. The secret is a recipe left behind by my mother Betty. Betty started Betty's Parkway Restaurant in 1987. Using her experience in the kitchen, she set out to come up with an item that would draw people in and keep them coming back, so she stumbled upon this recipe of hers and made a few changes. The end result was a marinade that tenderizes any meat and has a flavor that you can't seem to get enough of. Then she decided to offer something that no one else was at the time, a 20-ounce steak with the fatty tail trimmed off, which resulted in a perfectly cut 16-ounce rib eye, which was then marinated in her secret recipe, now known as Betty's Best and cooked to perfection. My mother passed away in her sleep on July 29th, 1989 and left behind a lot of decisions for me to make, the biggest one being, do I continue the business, or continue to pursue my work in construction. Being the only heir, I decided to continue the business. As a result, through perseverance, Bettys Parkway Restaurant continues to grow today.  As of now, we have been voted "Best Steak in Maury County, TN" for 16 years in a row!


Bettys Best

We have had friends and customers use "Betty's Best" on deer, chicken, pork chops, rattlesnake, hamburgers, and of course steak, all with the same results. They all agreed that on all the various types of meat tested, it was more tender and a better flavor compared to its un-marinated counter-part.

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